Sound designer & composer Jacob Denny was born in Olympia, WA and currently resides in Rochester, NY where he has just received his Master’s in Film Scoring & Contemporary Media from the Eastman School of Music. He recently received a BM in Music Composition and a minor in Philosophy from the University of North Texas where he studied composition under Joseph Klein, Panayiotis Kokoras, and William Coble. Jacob has written for full orchestra, string orchestra, chamber ensembles, choirs, solo instruments, and fixed media. His works have been recorded by a variety of Eastman & Rochester ensembles including the Empire Film Music Ensemble and a variety of members of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra. At North Texas, he has had pieces read and recorded by the Concert Orchestra as well as the UNT Concert Choir. In addition to being a composer, Jacob has also done sound design and integration for games such as Ori and the Will of the Wisps. Jacob also has experience conducting the Empire Film Music Ensemble, the UNT Concert Orchestra, and many recording sessions at Eastman. He has worked with a number of accomplished musicians on his own pieces and has performed with them as well, such as in the Grand Chorus with the Symphony Orchestra at the University of North Texas.

Jacob teaches classical piano performance, vocal performance, and music theory. As a performer, he frequents as a piano accompanist, vocalist, and conductor.

His concert compositions tend to emphasize form and gestures. He is interested in how form can shape the elocution of a piece; the delivery being almost completely contingent upon the form. Jacob is passionate about space and man’s inevitable emigration into it and it affects his works in many direct and indirect, literal and abstract ways. He is passionate and curious about life in general, and his works are always inspired and influenced by something new. His works, just like him, are constantly being shaped by new ideas and innovative approaches. He aspires to absorb as much information and as many experiences as possible, and he hopes his music will always reflect this sense of passion, variability, and growth.

Besides being a composer, Jacob is also an ardent traveler. He believes that some knowledge cannot be taught and that man must seek information out for himself. Experiencing other cultures is vital to expanding one’s understanding of the world which directly affects one’s unique artistic voice. Jacob takes this intangible experience just as seriously as learning in a formal institution. After graduating with his Bachelor’s in 2015, Jacob traveled to Japan and Thailand for two months with nothing but his bicycle and his backpack. Besides Japan and Thailand, Jacob has traveled to the Czech Republic, China, and Korea, and he has extensively traveled all over the United States.